Roland Legge – DUCC

Commissioned 1991, BC Conference

Program of Formation Centre for Christian Studies (Toronto)

What called you to Diaconal Ministry?

Passion for the educational ministry and social justice.

Describe some of your experiences of ministry

My ministry so far has been in congregational settings in rural areas and small towns. I see myself doing diaconal ministry as the one paid minister in a congregation. I feel that I have been able to use my gifts in pastoral care, education and social transformation, in what the church describes as “solo” positions. I go into these positions with the intention to team with the congregation. I was in a team ministry for my first position.

How I explain Diaconal Ministry to others … I tell people I am called to a ministry of education, social transformation and pastoral care. I feel called to walk with folks through the ups and downs of life, encouraging them to be all they can be. I am equipped to be a strong leader when necessary but prefer to lead through a cooperative model that assumes we all have gifts/talents to share. I value the wisdom of feminist and progressive men, past and present, who have tried and/or trying to live out a more just life. This means for me a way of being that recognizes and respects the diversity of people in our community creating opportunities for all people to seek life giving relationships. I try to live this out in my leadership as best I can.

What gives you the most satisfaction, reward, sense of fulfilment from the ministry you do? I get great satisfaction and reward from hearing people’s life stories. Even more so I feel deeply moved when I experience the people I work with, growing in their faith.

15 March 2011