Frances 2012Steele – DUCC

Frances Steele with grandson circa 2000Frances was by nature a humble woman.  She didn’t like to draw attention to her own accomplishments; rather, she took pleasure in letting the sun shine on others.  She was wonderfully creative, hard-working and energetic.  Frances could have high expectations of herself, and of others.  She was willing though to team with people to provide the support for them to meet those expectations, especially for the glory of God.

In the 1990s Frances began to exhibit the signs of forgetfulness that would be diagnosed as Alzheimers.  James, her husband, expressed some regret that he didn’t learn more about her ministry when she could remember the details.  Fortunately, a small trail of documents give insight into this wonderful woman.  Even though Frances was only officially a Deaconess for eight years, she left a strong legacy and did the Deaconess movement proud.  To read more click here