Florence 2011 Butler – DUCC

While a student at the United Church Training School, Florence had a summer placement at Leask  Saskatchewan. She met her partner George, also from Leask, at Bloor Street United Church in Toronto.  When they married in 1951, after graduation, Florence was affected by they disjoining rule, as she had to decide between becoming a deaconess and marriage, not really much of a choice! So Florence was never officially in ministry, but while George trained for ministry at Queen’s, Florence coordinated the work of the student charge in George’s absence. Moving to Alberta, wherever George was in ministry, Florence’s training and gifts were generously given. Her service was manifest in parenting 4 children, and talented volunteer service.  And her vision went far beyond the life and work of any congregation; it was her strong belief that the church exists to serve the needs of the world, not just the “saints” as Paul called them. For pictures of Florence click here for an excerpt from her funeral bulletin.  (Profile prepared by Dorothy Naylor)