Daphne 2009Rogers – DUCC

Daphne`s ministry as a Deaconess/Diaconal Minister involved 35 years teaching in church schools in Japan where she was much loved by students and friends. After returning to Canada Daphne was active in the ministry of Knox-Metropolitan in Edmonton and in the presbytery, especially in areas of  local and world mission. She also volunteered with the Adult Learning Centre.  When she moved to assisted living, she was an active participant and always friendly and helpful to staff and other residents. Her UCTS classmates and her friends always knew her as a good  “connector” – keeping track of people and being in communication through the years.  (Memorial prepared by Dorothy Naylor.)

For a longer biography and photos visit:   http://uccdeaconesshistory.ca/list/by-person/daphne-rogers/)