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National Gatherings


2018   … courageous risking

Diaconal ministry, …

is a journey
involving Spirit-filled enrichment and learning,
requiring humble offering of self,
demanding prayerful discernment and

courageous risking

exercising visionary and communal leadership,
promising joy and meaning,
and daring to imagine God’s abundance
in a world of love and respect.

From the Statement of Vision, Diakonia of The United Church of Canada, 2009

Tuesday, April 17 (2:00) – Friday, 20, (12:30) 2018  Winnipeg Manitoba

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Previous National Gatherings



Called to be Diaconal, no matter what we’re called

July 5 – July 6, 2017

Loyola University, Lake Shore Campus, Chicago, Illinois

Immediately following the 22nd Assembly of World Diakonia (June 28 to July 5, 2017)


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Travel with us through the ages as we revisit the history of diakonia, consider the future of diaconal ministry in the church, conduct the business of DUCC, and explore our diaconal identity.

Tuesday, April 28 (2 pm) to Friday, May 1 (1 pm) 2015, Poster

at Crieff Hills Centre, Puslinch , Ontario



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Ecumenical Guests

  • Lisa Polito, DOTAC President, Executive director Lutheran Deaconess Association
  • Marg Robertson, Presbyterian Diaconal Minister; DOTAC executive member
  • Sister Anne Keefer, Lutheran Deaconess Community ELCA/ELCIC
  • Frank Tyrell, Anglican Deacon, CCS board member


Diaconal Ministry: The Lens of Hope

Hope as verb … an intention to live in a way that heals and satisfies. Storytelling ♦ the arts ♦ ecological education ♦ Ceilidh

Tatamagouche Centre, Nova Scotia, April 30 to May 3, 2013 Brochure

Minutes  Agenda  Budget Memorials  Financial Statement Financial Statement

Reports: Barbara Elliott Fund,    Centre for Christian Studies,   Communication Cluster, Coordinating Committee, DOTAC President, DUCC News, MNWO Cluster, Membership Committee Toronto and Hamilton Cluster

Theme Powerpoint Presentations: Terrie Chedore The Art of Hope Lynda Trono I’m Hopin for Change      Kathy Platt Sabbatical


Courageous Engagement: Forging New Relationships
Exploring ways to build bridges and relationships with aboriginal brothers and sisters in community
University of Winnipeg June 21-24, 2011  Brochure

Proceedings and Reports

Minutes  Agenda  Budget Memorials  Financial Statement 2009 Financial Statement 2011

Reports: ANW Cluster, Barbara Elliott Fund, CCS, Communication Cluster, MNWO Cluster, M&O Cluster, Statement on Ministry, National Gathering Planning, Website

Zipped File of Minutes and Reports