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Coordinating Committee

The Coordinating Committee, as the title suggests, performs a coordination function and has some responsibilities like those of an Executive.

Current Members: Vicki McPhee (Chair), Helen Reed (Treasurer), Marlene Britton, Christine Dudley, Denise Davis Taylor Eric Tusz-King (Staff Liaison), Ted Dodd (DOTAC Rep)

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Communication Committee

A regionally based DUCC working group, some gather around the table in Winnipeg and others join in by phone.

The Communication Committee carries on important functions to assist with key DUCC goals of staying connected and informed.  The Committee is charged with responsibility to:

  • Envision and initiate projects and on going work to enhance communication with and among the DUCC community,
  • Encourage communication within the Conferences and regions,
  • Oversee DUCC News, the DUCC website and the DUCC Card Secretary, including support of the volunteers and stipended staff who staff these functions.

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Alana Martin *, Annika Sangster, David Hewitt, Gail Golding *, Kathryn Anderson, Kathy Toivanen,
Kay Dean *, Kent Gibbons, Laura Hunter, Lori Crocker, Lynda Gow, Martha Martin, Nancy Corrigan, Sue King-Darby *
* corresponding members

DUCC News Editor and Editorial Team

The purpose of the newsletter is to keep those in United Church diaconal ministry connected and informed. The content of reflects a diversity of experience and views on diaconal ministry.  The Editor and Editorial Team is responsible for developing a vision for the DUCC News, imagining ways to enhance its role in strengthening and supporting DUCC. For more on DUCC News click here.   Editorial Team Members: Vacant

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DUCC Website Minder and Editorial Team

The purpose of the DUCC website is to make available information on all aspects of the DUCC community.  Among the audiences using the site are DUCC members, diaconal ministry inquirers, church volunteers involved with ministry candidates, families and friends of diaconal students and church personnel learning more about diaconal ministries.

Caryn Douglas is  Editorial Team Members: Vacant

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Membership Cluster

Members: vacant