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DUCC Membership


Diakonia of the United Church of Canada is a voluntary association of United Church of Canada Diaconal ministers and others associated with the United Church who identify themselves as being in diaconal ministry.  Please consider joining!

To become a member of DUCC see instructions below on this page.

DUCC provides a national identity and perspective on diaconal ministry.  With DUCC’s role in policy making and advocacy within the church, it is important to ensure that the organization is strong and diverse.  Your membership is important.

To contact DUCC with membership questions email membership@ducc.ca.

PLEASE, if you have a change of postal or email address let DUCC’s database manager (datamanager@ducc.ca) know.  Your email address is used to send DUCC News and occasional news updates.  When DUCC does not have a working email address the information must be mailed and this results in increased costs.  If your postal address is incorrect you are cut off from communication and YOU WILL BE MISSED!

DUCC membership fees are used to:

  • facilitate a strong community of colleagues and friends (supporting National Gathering planning, grants for regional events and travel)
  • tell our story to one another and beyond  (DUCC News and website)
  • ensure that there is a body that can speak with authority on issues related to diaconal ministry
  • support DUCC representation at international events (DOTAC and DIAKONIA World Federation)
  • contribute to diaconal education
  • remember and give thanks for the lives of diaconal folks when they die

Membership in DUCC is open to:

  • all United Church Diaconal Ministers
  • candidates for Diaconal Ministry
  • students in one of the schools that prepares people for Diaconal Ministry
  • anyone who identifies themselves to be a practitioner of diaconal ministry.

To become a member of DUCC click here.

DUCC is a member organization of DIAKONIA World Federation and its regional body, Diakonia of the Americas and the Caribbean.  The United Church of Canada pays the membership fees in these organizations.

   New members are always welcome!

Membership Fees

“The disciples set aside resources, according to what each one of them had, to send for the service of others.” Acts 11:29

Membership fees are on a flexible scale.

The suggested fee is $130.00.  The minimum membership fee is $15.  If you are able, you are encouraged to pay $155, which helps to offset for those paying a lower amount.  Any amount contributed above $155 will be credited as a donation.  Donations are welcome. (For more on donations click here.)

Your membership is important, do not let finances stop you from joining. Please consider the benefits of membership in DUCC carefully and choose a rate that reflects your ability to contribute.

Membership fees are tax deductible (up to $155 is in the category of Professional Association Fees which means you receive a greater proportion back than for a charitable donation, amounts in excess of $155 are in the charitable category.)  Tax receipts are issued in February.

Annual Membership is based on a calendar year and is due in January.

Membership by Automatic Withdrawal (PAR)

DUCC Membership fees can be paid by an automated monthly withdrawal from your bank account.  WHAT A SMART IDEA! This saves on administrative time for volunteers who have to remind you that you membership is due, it makes it simple for you and saves you time, and ensures DUCC has the resources to carry out its mandate on your behalf.

Becoming a Member

There are two ways to become a member.

  1. Fill out the Membership form electronically and sign up for PAR or send a cheque. (PAR Form)
  2. Download the Printable Membership Form and mail it along with a cheque (or a voided cheque for PAR) to the Membership Cluster.

Please consider automatic debit from your account for your DUCC membership.  It is the best way to ensure your membership is up to date.

There are other ways to be an active member of DUCC.  How about submitting a profile for the website? (Click here.) Or plan on attending the next National Gathering, DOTAC Gathering , or DIAKONIA World Gathering. OR Plan a gathering for your region.